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Following the Leuk-Leukerbad railway line

LLB Bahn Leuk

The trail begins at the old railway station in Leukerbad. Head south towards the Lindner Alpentherme multi-storey car park and then walk along Alpenthermestrasse. Continue straight on at the junction with Ringstrasse and to the right of Hotel Alfa. Cross Gribelistrasse to get on to Noyerstrasse. Take this road to Leuk, walk along the Dala on the Winterstrasse and then continue uphill through the tunnel. Here you reach the main road.

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Walk along the main road until you come to the Russengraben bus stop. Here the former railway line veers to the right and is now a hiking trail that leads to Inden. At the entrance to the village take the little road that slopes downhill on the right until you get to the car park where the old station still stands. 100 metres after the station take the path on the left until you come to the main road. Cross the road and at the junction follow the railway line that immediately branches off to the left from the road.

Here the route goes down to woodland. The path (in poor condition) is easy to find at the start. After 15 minutes it becomes more of an effort to make out the line that eventually leads to the tunnel which is well hidden away nowadays. Use a torch to walk along the easy and adventurous route as far as Rumeling. Continue straight ahead at the junction. The old Rumeling railway station still stands on the left. Then rejoin the main road (bridge) and go on until you are 100 metres in front of the little village of St. Barbara. Here the line leads down to the right and the path is easy to follow once more. Continue until you get to the main road in Leuk-Stadt. Cross the main road, walk in front of the school and then continue through Leuk-Stadt towards Susten. Cross the metal bridge until you arrive at the LLB depot (the old railway station).

Most of the route today runs alongside the main road (shown in green on the map). However there are two sections where you will have to walk (these are shown in blue on the map):

  • from Russengraben to Rumeling via Inden
  • from St. Barbara to Leuk-Stadt

See the route on a map

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