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Thermi's godmother

Taufpatin von Thermi_Seraina Collenberg

Out of 500 suggestions, Thermi was selected as the best name for our little mascot after a competition was held on the website www.leukerbad.ch and at the schools in Leukerbad and Leuk.Thermi's godmother is Seraina Collenberg from Leukerbad.


Interview with Seraina:

"How did you arrive at the name Thermi?
Seraina: "Since thermal springs are a big part of Leukerbad it wasn't too difficult to come up with the name Thermi."

"How would your describe Thermi?"
Seraina: "Thermi is a friendly, funny drop of water who loves children."

"How do you like Thermi as a soft toy?"
Seraina: Thermi is a cute soft toy, I really like him."

"Why should every child have a Thermi?"
Seraina: "So every child who lives or comes on holiday here can always have a memento of Leukerbad - and great memories of unforgettable experiences."


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