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The Badner Post provides the latest weather information, open/closed plants, events and background information from the tourism destination of Leukerbad.

    In order to receive the Badner post every morning at 08:15, you have to log in first with your email.
     - Signing in: Empty E-mail (without text in the subject and description) to badnerpost-on@mailing.leukerbad.ch.
     - Logging off: Send a blank e-mail to badnerpost-off@mailing.leukerbad.ch
     under www.leukerbad.ch/badnerpost you can also select the Badner post itself by date and print a PDF file with your selected dates.

The Badner post is also available in French (www.leukerbad.ch/fr/badnerpost), Italian (www.leukerbad.ch/it/badnerpost) and German (www.leukerbad.ch/badnerpost).


My Leukerbad
CH-3954 Leukerbad
Tel. +41 27 472 71 71


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Monday - Sunday

08.30-12.00 / 13.30-18.00

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