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Thermal water

Thermal water is the universal element in Leukerbad. The natural hot springs were already used in ancient Roman times and since the Middle Age, guests have regularly travelled to Leukerbad to relax in the thermal pools. In addition to the scientifically proven medicinal effects of the thermal waters, issues of prevention and relaxation are becoming more and more prevalent.

With the daily influx of 3.9 million liters of 51°C (124°F) natural thermal water, Leukerbad is the European leader of thermal waters and their many beneficial uses.

In the next several secions, we will explain to you where Leukerbad's thermal water originates, since when it has been used, what it can do for you, what it consists of and where you can observe it before it is transformed into thermal waters.

  • Hydrogeologie
    Power from the mountain: Leukerbad natural thermal water is more than 40 years on the road, before it flows into the basin.
  • Bädertourismus Rossgillu
    in Leukerbad
    The Romans already appreciated our natural thermal springs. Bathing culture is tradition in Leukerbad!
  • Medizinische Wirkung THWasser
    No hocus-pocus but scientifically confirmed: Natural thermal water provides energy and heals.
  • Quellenanalyse-3 neu-2
    Calcium and sulfate are the predominant components of the natural hot springs of Leukerbad.
  • Thermalquellenzunft
    Our natural thermal waters we cherish! In gratitude, we would like to share it with you.
  • Leukerbad_Daubensee Wamdern
    Some will later thermal water, while other landscape features which provide recreation


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